Drywall Finishers, Sarasota, Fl

Taping and Finishing: Sarasota Drywall Finishers will first pre fill any gaps. Next paper taping all of the butt joints. Then the flats, followed by the inside corners. The inside corners will be done with a roller and glazer / angle head. Next you will hang the bead and apply the first coat. Followed by 2 more coats depending on the level of finish. We clean all our own floors. Lastly the job is either primed and or a walk through is performed with the customer. A light is used to ensure your total satisfaction. These are our steps and steps you will want your contractor to take should you want an amazing product. Don’t take a chance on any other company. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied or we’ll make it right.  We service all of Sarasota, Fl. Call today for a free estimate your ceiling or walls have cracks, holes or the sheetrock has deteriorated then it is time to have drywall repair done to them. ​Drywall repair can bring back the “new look” and feel it once had when you purchased it. The drywall repair process is one that involves a good amount of prep work first. We are the best choice for this kind of service in Sarasota.
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